What is a foot orthotic?

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Foot Orthotics – Back to Basics

Our blog theme for the month of September is ‘Foot Orthotics – Back to Basics’, explaining the common questions we get asked about foot orthotics.

What is a foot orthotic? – A foot orthotic is a medical device that is placed into a shoe to help support, align, prevent or correct foot deformities or ailments. The goal of a foot orthotic is to reduce pain and unnecessary stresses and improve the overall performance of the foot and lower limbs.  A ‘custom-made’ orthotic (different from ‘custom-fit’) is manufactured using a 3D mould of the individual’s feet to ensure the arch and specific qualities of the foot are properly accommodated. A foot orthotic can be used to successfully treat a number of painful foot ailments, including; heel, arch and forefoot pain, as well as complications related to conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.


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