Custom Orthotics

A foot orthotic is a medical device that is inserted into the shoe to support, align, prevent or accommodate foot deformities and improve overall foot function. At Dynamic Orthotics all orthotics are constructed using a custom mold of each individuals foot and always manufactured in-house by a certified pedorthist. Pedorthists are lower limb experts with specialized training in the design manufacture, fit and modification of foot orthotics.

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms? Custom orthotics help to manage pain and problems associated with:

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Arthritis

• Bunions

• Diabetes

• Shin Splints

• Claw Toes / Hammer Toes

• Limb Length Discrepancies

• Metatarsalgia (forefoot pain)

• Sports Injuries

• Callousing / Corns

• Achilles Tendonitis

• Numbness in the feet and lower limbs

• Pain in the feet and lower limbs

• Excessive Pronation or Supination


The professionals at Dynamic Orthotics are qualified to measure and fit a full line of lower and upper limb bracing products. From a custom built knee brace for a sports injury to a wrist wrap for tendonitis, we have the products you need and the professionals to ensure you get the product that is right for you.

We work in consultation with your doctor to provide and fit the following types of custom bracing products :

• Knee Ligament

• Osteoarthritis

• Post-operative

• Patellofemoral

• Ankle / Foot

• Aircasts

• Upper Extremity

• Wrist / Elbow

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Compression Socks

Compression therapy works by applying pressure around the outside of your leg with maximum pressure exerted at the ankle and decreasing up the leg. This helps the veins in the legs return blood to the heart more effectively, restores blood flow to a normal state and aids in overall circulation.
Compression Socks are prescribed by physicians to treat:

• Varicose veins / spider veins

• Edema

• Lymphedema

• Superficial phlebitis

• Deep vein Thromboses

• Venous ulcers

In addition, over-the-counter or non-prescription grade compression socks are used to treat symptoms association with:

• Heavy, fatigued and tired legs

• Tension and cramps

• Swollen ankles

• Prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy

• Promotes blood circulation during travel (***For more information on the use of compression sock during travel see our blog dated April 8, 2010).

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