Is a foot orthotic uncomfortable to wear?

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Is a foot orthotic uncomfortable to wear?

Another common question we get asked at Dynamnic Orthotics is ‘Is a Foot Orthotic Uncomfortable to Wear’?

Initially a new foot orthotic may feel intrusive or awkward. For most individuals, an adjustment period of a few weeks is normal. Each experience is different as people have different tolerance levels, therefore it is difficult to set a guideline as to how long it takes to get used to an orthotic.

Some people feel an immediate positive improvement while others notice improvement after a few days or weeks. It is generally recommended to gradually break-in to a new orthotic by wearing them for one or two hours during the first few days and adding an hour each day. A foot orthotic should never be painful to wear. A little discomfort under the arch during the first few weeks is normal, but if the orthotic becomes painful, a Pedorthist should adjust them as soon as possible. After the first few weeks, you should be wearing your orthotics comfortably all day, and feel a difference when you go back to regular footwear without the custom orthotic.

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