What Are Custom Osteo Arthritis Knee Braces

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What are Custom Osteo Arthritis knee braces and how do they work?

They are knee braces that can actually provide relief to your osteoarthritic knee. Many orthopedic surgeons and other MD’s consistently refer for OA off-loader braces for their patients. We carry a full line of the very best braces found on this planet and would love to tell you more about them if you call or drop by the store.

At Dynamic Orthotics we are trained in fitting braces and work alongside other medical health professionals to provide clients with the best health possible.

And yes they work for most people. At Dynamic Orthotics you have a 90 day test drive with the custom and off the shelf OA braces, if they are not working or for whatever reason, we will allow you to return the brace with no questions asked. We want you to be happy, healthy and pain free.

See you soon!

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  1. Please advise price of Off loader knee brace and can I buy one online?

  2. The prices for the off- loader knee braces vary depending on which one you choose. The Full custom OA Defiance ranges from $1200 to $1400 dollars. From there you can step down to $900/$600/$300 depending on your needs. You can purchase a brace online from a few sites, but buyer beware, DonJoy will not guarantee a purchase made at an online store, only if you purchase a brace from a certified DonJoy dealer in Canada will they honor the Guarantee. If you have to return the brace you purchased online you will have to deal directly with that particular brace website, not DJO (DonJoy). The typical price we charge for a Custom OA Off-loader is $1200.00. This price will vary if you have ad ons such as Graphics, brace protection, etc.

  3. What kind of knee brace would you recommend for someone who previously put a 1.3 cm tear in the meniscus cartilage and seperated their knee cap as well had surgery and then re injured the same knee. I am not sure what the current injury is but it feels the same as last time, the only difference this time is I am noticing a lot of joint instability.

    I am currently using a tensor brand wrap around knee brace and it is not cutting it.

  4. It’s tough to get a brace that makes a real significant difference to a tear in the meniscus. Often surgery is the best method of treatment. That being said I would probably put you in a Donjoy Tru-pull advanced (this will help control the Patella as well), or in the DonJoy Deluxe Hinged Knee. A lot depends on what type of activities you are participating in, if you are a serious athlete I may advise you to get a different brace.

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