What We Do

Our highly trained specialists are dedicated to providing a thorough lower limb assessment to accurately determine the specific needs of our clients and provide effective, cost efficient solutions. We foster a casual and welcoming store environment, so feel free to stop by and chat with us anytime about your lower limb health concerns. We love to share our knowledge and strive to get our community back on their feet!

Our specialty services include the following:

  • Complete Lower Limb Assessments – Including gait and biomechanical assessment of the lower limbs; thorough medical history; examination of current footwear, range of motion tests and video gait analysis.
  • Detailed Reporting – After each assessment, clients will be provided with a detailed report discussing the results of their individual assessment and recommendations made. With consent, a report will also be sent to their family doctor and/or the referring health professional.
  • Follow-up Appointments – Two weeks after receiving your new custom orthotics we will call you to ensure you have made a smooth transition into your new orthotics. Often minor adjustments need to be made to the orthotic in the weeks following to reach optimal support for which there is never any additional charge. At Dynamic Orthotics we are committed to working with you to keep your feet pain free and healthy for life.
  • Footwear Modifications – We provide a variety of footwear modifications including lifts and stretching for width, length and deformities such as bunions.
  • Lower & Upper Limb Custom Bracing – Our in-house professionals are qualified to measure and fit a full line of lower and upper limb bracing and casting products. We carry Donjoy brand, CanadaŹ¼s leading provider of orthopedic devices used in rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. From a custom built knee brace for a sports injury to a wrist wrap for tendonitis, we have the products you need and the professionals to ensure you get the product that is right for you.
  • Extended Health Care Providers- Our staff and services are registered with all the extended health care providers including; Blue Cross, Sunlife, Manulife, Great West Life, and Greenshield. Direct billing for those eligible for Veteran Affairs, Worksafe BC, ICBC Claims, First Nations and Canadian Forces can be arranged if accompanied by a doctor’s prescription.